Women can do everything men can, and more. Their aura is crucial to a household. A lady invariably knows more about parenting, house décor and hospitality than a man. There is absolutely nothing backward or sexist with a woman taking pride in her ability to take care of home and family. In fact, that’s something that makes women superior to men. Modern women are outperforming men as professionals Continue reading

Wings Of Future.

A woman is the foundation of a family. She determines the quality of life of people around her. She is the one binding factor that helps keep the figment of family secure by taking care of them through thick and thin. While the other members get their time off, this one member of your family who single-handedly runs the big part of the show hardly gets any time off. She works tirelessly to cater to your needs, right from fixing you with warm healthy meals to keeping your surroundings clean. She is the one that goes the extra mile to encourage you Continue reading

Gender Equality is not yet a Reality.

I could do nothing but see them sizing up my sister and shooting absurd questions. The lady on my side murmured in my ear – “would she quit her job after marriage if the situations demand?” “No”, I said. “We will forever support our parents. Be it before marriage or after it.”

I felt ashamed to see a woman being objectified. And trust me, if a woman speaks for how wronged she feels Continue reading